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clutter... - 01.07.23

you may ask yourself why does the site look so cluttered?? well thats on purpose!!!! its supposed to be like that cause theres this one specific website ( thats all over the place!!! plus i just like it whenever websites are cluttered with a bunch of stuff 2 do lul :)

woah!!! did u see that?? - 01.07.23

i may or may not have stayed up for a while just so then i could update this site in various ways... BUT atleast it looks even more cooler then it was before!! this is inside a box that you can scroll around in!!! how awesome is that?!! i didnt even know how to do that... thats all the updates i have for now!!! hope u have a good day and make sure to eat and drink sum water!!!!!

welcome!!!! - 01.07.23

hello and welcome to the oodleweb, the only website you need for aib content!!! (except for gatlinggroink57's channel.....) im the webmaster, names liam!! this is a site inspired by multiple old 90's geocities sites and sites that are still up today (more info the about the webmaster section of this site lul!!!) i love object shows and html and i hope u like my site as much as i love it!!! toodles

hru?? :--)

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